Bid Closing Registers

FileDescriptionBid NumberClosing Date
Cleaning at steelpoort-09112023135052FTM/T06/22/232023-02-15
Cleaning service at Ohrigstad-09112023134824FTM/T05/22/232023-02-15
Delivery of laptop-09112023133559FTM/T03/22/232022-12-09
Delivery of multifunctional printer-09112023134946FTM/T23/22/232023-02-16
Delivery of uniform-09112023133316FTM/T13/22/232023-06-02
Environmental assessment-09112023133935FTM/T14/22/232023-03-28
LEGAL FIRMS-09112023134430FTM/T06/20/212023-02-15
TWO WAY RADIO-09112023134517FTM/T20/22/232023-06-09
Panel of service provider to supply and delivery of laptops and desktops for period of 12 monthsFTM/T03/22/232022-12-09
Electrical infratructureFTM/T29/20/212022-04-20
Civil infrastructureFTM/T28/20/212022-04-20
Long term economic strategy closing registerFTM/T24/21/222022-01-28
Provision Legal Closing Register Jan 2022FTM/T06/21/222022-01-28
Supply and installation of two way radio closing registerFTM/T08/21/222022-01-28
makuwa lib - apel 23FTM/T12/21/222022-02-14
praktiseer lib - apelFTM/T11/21/222022-02-14
Makuwa library - civic cFTM/T12/21/222022-02-14
Praktiseer library- civiFTM/T11/21/222022-02-14
valuation roll- civic ceFTM/T10/21/222022-02-14
traffic material civic cFTM/T20/21/222022-02-14
disaster relie - apelFTM/25/21/222022-02-14
disaster relie- civicFTM/25/21/222022-02-14
employee assis - civic cFTM/25/21/222022-02-14
marketing - apelFTM/25/21/222022-02-14
marketing - civicFTM/25/21/222022-02-14
medical surveil - apelFTM/25/21/222022-02-14
medical surveil - civic FTM/25/21/222022-02-14
traffic material - apelFTM/25/21/222022-02-14
traffic material civic cFTM/25/21/222022-02-14
tsate heritage - apelFTM/25/21/222022-02-14
tsate heritage civic cenFTM/25/21/222022-02-14
Provision of travel agencyFTM/T19/20/212021-05-03
Appointment of service provider for infrastructure and PMU support teamFTM/T23/20/212021-06-04
Provision of off-site storage for old municipal documentsFTM/T13/20/212021-02-02
Complaint ERP systemFTM11/20/212021-02-02
Construction of Motageng access bridgeMIG//R/LP/17885/21/222021-05-10
Supply, delivery and installation of mobile officesFTM08/20/212020-12-21
Provision of insuranceFTM/T19/20/212021-04-26
Routine maintenance on ICT infrastructure and support provision FTM/07/20212020-12-14
Appointment of service provider for VAT recorvery services. CLOSING DATE 14 JUNE 2021FTM/T27/20/212021-06-14
Tenders awarded as of 30 June 2021FTM/T01/20/212020-11-02
Panel of Contractors for Construction of Electrical Infrastructure and Related Service ApelFTM/T29/20/212021-07-13
Panel of Contractors for Construction of Electrical Infrastructure and Related Service BurgersfortFTM/T29/20/212021-07-13
Panel of Contractors for Construction of Roads Maintenance and Related Services in Fetakgomo Tubatse Local Municipality ApelFTM/T30/20/212021-07-13
Panel of Contractors for Construction of Civil Infrastructure and Related Service ApelFTM/T28/20/212021-07-13
Electrification of 1720 households at Praktiseer Ext 3FTM/T20/212021-04-06
Closing register panel of engineersFTM/T05/19/202021-01-20
Appointment of 10 legal firms for provision of legal service for period of 36 monthsFTM/T06/20/212020-12-07
Mashung internal streetMIG//R/LP/15872/18/212020-11-25
Magakala access bridge and access roadMIG/LP286/R,ST/18/212020-11-25
revenue enhancementFTM/T05/20/212020-09-28
operation and management of malogeng landfill siteFTM/T04/20/212020-09-28
waste collection for Steelpoort and Mapodile FTM02/20/212020-09-11
waste collection of BurgersfortFTM01/20/212020-09-11
lease of municipal buildingFTM/T04/20/212019-11-25
collection of waste for Praktiseer and OhrigstadFTM03/20/212020-09-11
Panel of civil engineersFTM/T05/19/202019-10-22
Leboeng access roadMIG/LP/2166/R,ST,16,182019-10-22
Burgersfort ext 58 Water and sewerFTM/T09/19/202019-10-22
Burgersfort ext 54 road and stormwaterFTM/T08/19/202019-10-22
Construction of Burgersfort ext 71 & 72 water and sewerFTM/T10/19/202019-10-15
Construction of Aapiesdoringdraai regional cemeteryFTM/T06/19/202019-10-15
Closure of Burgersfort Landfill site phase 1FTM/T07/19/202019-10-15
Construction of Burgersfort Ext 71 & 72 road and waterFTM/T32/18/192019-06-13
Provision of cash-in transit services for a period of 3 yearsFTM/T30/18/192019-04-25
LED Strategy FTM/T29/18/192019-04-05
Mashamothane North FTM/T26/18/192019-03-25
Electrification of Phelindaba Phase 1 FTM/T27/18/192019-03-25
Electrification of Mashamothane South FTM/T25/18/192019-03-25
Electrification of Khalayoni Section FTM/T24/18/192019-03-25
Electrification of Dithabaneng Section FTM/T28/18/192019-03-25
GIS Intergrated System FTM/T18/18/192018-11-06
Disaster Recovery Plan FTM/T17/18/192018-11-06
A panel of Townplanning consultants FTM/T14/18/192018-10-25
Recapitalization of Fleet and Fleet Management SystemFTM/T15/18/192018-10-25
Cash in transit services.pdfFTM/T15/18/192018-10-25
Recapitalisation of Fleet and Fleet Management System.pdfFTM/T15/18/192018-10-25
Praktiseer Stormwater drainage October 2018FTM/T13/18/192018-10-04
Motodi sports complex October 2018FTM/T11/18/192018-10-04
Technical feasibility study for new Municipal BuildingFTM/T10/18/192018-08-17
Provision of Physical security services for a period of 36 months Cluster 4FTM/T06/18/192018-08-16
Provision of Physical security services for a period of 36 months Cluster 3FTM/T05/18/192018-08-16
Provision of Physical security services for a period of 36 months Cluster 1FTM/T03/18/192018-08-13
Panel of professional ArchitectsFTM/T09/18/192018-08-17
Intergrated Transport planFTM/T12/18/192018-08-08
A panel of Electrical EngineersFTM/T07/18/192018-08-15
Panel of Civil EngineersFTM/T11/18/192018-10-04
Consultants in Civil EngineeringFTM/T08/18/192018-08-15
Provision of Physical security services for a period of 36 months Cluster 2FTM/T4/18/192018-07-13
Marketing Branding and Media advertisingFTM/T01/18/192018-07-13
Events management servicesFTM/T01/10/192018-07-13
Upgrading of land tenure project-Tubatse townshipFGTM/DV38/17/182017-11-24
Physical security at identified municipal offices of the Fetakgomo Greater Tubatse MunicipalityFGTM/MM49/17/182018-01-03
Physical security at identified municipal offices of the Fetakgomo Greater Tubatse MunicipalityFGTM/MM49/17/182018-01-03
Decommissioning of existing Burgersfort landfill siteFGTM/CS46/17/182017-12-11
Recording Transcription and Translation of Labour ProceedingFTM/CS83/17/182018-06-15
Development of Energy Efficient Public Lighting Master PlanFTM/TS85/17/182018-06-12
High Mast Lights in Rural VillagesMIG/LP/2055/CL/14/192018-06-12
Construction of Ohgristad Sports ComplexFTM/TS84/17/182018-06-12
Construction of Burgersfort Landfill siteFTM/CS78/17/182018-04-24
Vat Recovery services 2018FTM/F76/17/182018-04-20
Strydkraal A to Thobehlale Internal Street(Professional services)FTM/TS67/17/182018-03-07
Panel of consultants for Auditing, Risk Management and Accounting Professional Services for a period of 3 yearsFTM/F77/17/182018-04-20
Nchabeleng Community Hall Internal StreetFTM/TS60/17/182018-03-06
Mashung Internal Street(Professional services)FTM/TS65/17/182018-03-07
Makgakala Access Bridge and Access Road(Professional services)FTM/TS63/17/182018-03-07
Magotwaneng Access Bridge and Access Road(Professional services)FTM/TS64/17/182018-03-07
Integration of IDP and Social Labour Plans for a period of 3 yearsFTM/LED74/17/182018-04-20
India Community Hall Internal StreetFTM/TS59/17/182018-03-06
Comprehensive feasibility study to assess the capability of the Municipality for the provision of water servicesFTM/T570/17/182018-03-27
Environmental assessment practitioner to conduct scoping and environmental impact for development of a cemeteryFGT/LED75/17/182018-04-20
Construction of new burgersfort landfil siteFGM/CS78/17/182018-04-24
Construction of Lefahla Access BridgeFGTM/T555/17/182018-01-09
Construction of Lefahla Access BridgeFGTM/Ts 54/17/182018-01-09
Construction of Leboeng Access RoadFGTM/T556/17/182018-01-09
Seroka Community Hall Internal Street2018-03-06
Ga-Debeila to Mohlaletse Internal Street(Professional services)2018-03-07
Construction of Praktiseer stormwater drainage2018-04-23
Construction of Motodi sports complex2018-04-23
Construction of Mapodile sports complex phase 22018-04-23
The Review and Rationalisation of the Fetakgomo-Tubatse Local Economic Development Plan2018-04-04
Supply, delivery and registration of a 14 seater combi2018-03-22
Simultaneous rezoning and park closure readvert2018-04-04
Roads and storm water master plan2018-03-27
Purchase of an intergrated governance,risk management, compliance, audit and performance software (GRCAP)2018-04-04
Designing, Layout, Delivery and Printing of accounts statement for a period of 3 years, renewable annually0004-04-20
Refurbishment of Praktiseer Testing StationFGTM/TS57/17/182018-02-16
Dermarcation of sites at DresdenFGTM/ELD68/17/182018-02-23
Dermacation of sites at MashilabelaFGTM/ELD69/17/182018-02-23
Dermacation of sites at MashilabelaFGTM/ELD69/17/182018-02-23
Planning, designs & professional management & supervision of Praktiser libraryFGTM/TS19/17/182017-11-13
Mamogolo ElectrificationFGTM/TS07/20172017-11-13
Maintanance of road and storm waterFGTM TS37/17/182017-10-26
Maintenance of Traffic lights and Street lightsFGTM/TS32/17/182017-10-17
Maintenance of highmast lightsFGTM/TS33/17/182017-10-17
Electricity Distribution LicenceFGTM/TS/36/17182017-10-17
Delivery of Laptops and Desktop ComputersFGTM/C24/17/182017-10-03
Prososal to implement Information TechnologyFGTM/C25/17/182017-10-03
Prososal on routine maintenance of information communicationFGTM/C26/17/182017-10-30
Spartial development frameworkFGTM/LED27/17/180000-00-00
Spartial development frameworkFGTM/LED27/17/180000-00-00
Development of land use schemeFGTM/LED27/17/180000-00-00
Construction of Dithamaga Access BridgeGTM/C49/15/162017-02-03
Dithamaga Access Bridge ConsultantsGTM/C49/15/162016-07-29
Tukakgomo RDP House Internal streetGTM/C49/15/162016-07-29
Morokadieta Access Bridge ConsultantsGTM/C49/15/162016-08-02
Supply and Delivery of Land Survey EquipmentsGTM/C49/15/162016-10-14
Supply, delivery, registration and licencing of 2x 20.6 cubic meters refuse compactors and 1x chassis of 6x4 double axleGTM/C49/15/162017-07-20
Supply, delivery, registration and licencing of 2x 20.6 cubic meters refuse compactors and 1x chassis of 6x4 double axleGTM/C49/15/162017-08-16
Operations and Management of Malogeng Landfill siteGTM/C49/15/162017-08-16
Maintenance of roads and stormwaterGTM/C49/15/162017-08-17
Lefahla Access Bridge ConsultantsGTM/C49/15/162016-08-02
Installation of shelves at old Municipal BuildingGTM/C49/15/162016-11-25
GaMotodi Sports complex ConsultantsGTM/C49/15/162016-08-02
Supply and delivery of 2 motor gradersGTM/C49/15/162017-03-16
Construction of GaMalwane Access BridgeGTM/C49/15/162017-08-17
Provision of security Cluster 1GTM/C49/15/162016-03-22
Provision of security Cluster 2GTM/C49/15/162016-03-22
Provision of security Cluster 3GTM/C49/15/162016-03-23
Tractor loader backhoeFGTM/TS05/17/182017-07-12
Supply and delivery of vehiclesFGTM/CS12/16/172017-05-03
Repair and maintenance of traffic lights 30 June 2016GTM/T21/15/162016-06-30
Repair and maintenance of street lights 30 June 2016GTM 19/15/162017-06-30
Provision of banking servicesFGTM/F13/17/182017-06-20
Praktiseer testing stationFGTM/TS 01/17/182017-07-12
Motor graderFGTM/TS 06/17/182017-07-12
Motaganeng BridgeFGTM/TS 02/17/182017-07-11
Media Advertising servicesFGTM/TS 03/17/182017-07-10
Makuwa libraryFGTM/TS 03/17/182017-07-10
Leasing and installation of repeater base stationFGTM/CS 16/17/182017-06-20
Insurance Brokering ServicesFGTM/F08/17/182017-07-28
Events management services2017-06-20
Burgersfort Landfill management closing registerFGTM/W04/17/182017-07-06
VAT RecoveryFGTM/F11/16/172017-02-23
Supply and delivery of vehiclesFGTM/CS12/16/172017-05-03
Tjate Access roadMIG/LP/2170/R,ST/16/182017-04-13
Thokwane Access roadMIG/LP/2170/R,ST/16/182017-04-13
Morokadieta Access RoadMIG/LP/2169/R,ST/16/182017-04-12
Bothashoek Access RoadMIG/LP/2167/RIST/16/182017-04-12
Supply and maintenance of printers closing registerFGTM/IT08/16/72017-02-22
Waste collection Steelpoort and Mapodile W05FGTM/W05/16/172016-12-01
Waste collection Praktiseer and Ohgristad W06FGTM/W06/16/172016-12-01
Waste collection Burgersfort W07FGTM/W07/16/172016-12-01
Supply of 45 Laptops with tracking solutionGTM/IT01/16/172016-11-25
Landfill site management W04FGTM/W04/16/172016-12-01